Adult sized pacifiers
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I want to find a/some adult pacifiers. Except, I want them relatively inexpensive. Google-fu failing!

Ok, so I want a+ large size, non-gag gift actual pacifier. Unfortunately, I don't want to spend 20-60 dollars per, as some of the fetish websites think is reasonable. How in the world do I find adult pacifiers cheap? Thank you!
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has them in the low $20's.
Baby ones cost $6 or so.

$20 doesn't seem unreasonable. $60 is overpriced but $20 - $60 is one heck of a wide range to exclude.

Doubt you'll get good quality ones for much less than $22. There just isn't enough buyers to bring the price down to what you feel is reasonable.
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Have you tried out the bigger toddler pacifiers? They come in different sizes already, and I believe there's some for 2+ that may work for you.
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God bless the Germans for things like this.

Don't know if it'll work out any better after shipping, but they have one for about $6.50 (5 Euros).
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