Vintage images depicting the mind/brain/psychology?
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Help me find a vintage image depicting the mind / the brain / psychology for my letterpress business cards.

I'm a science journalist—I write about psychology—and I'm ordering letterpress business cards.

My title on the cards will be "psychology writer." I'm looking for an image or symbol to put on my cards that will tie the whole thing together. I was thinking it would be cool to have something vintage or antique-looking instead of something modern and high-tech. Maybe an old line drawing or woodcut depicting the brain / the mind / psychology / the philosopher / the alchemist. Or maybe there's a famous work of art that would be perfect, or original art or diagrams from some old book of philosophy or science. Or maybe there's a sketch by Darwin or Jung or that would work. Something that goes with the title "psychology writer."

Thoughts? What's an interesting vintage psychology image I can put on my business cards?
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Try looking up images related to "phrenology".
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I can't link you from my iPhone right now, but the 1911 edition of Gray's Anatomy is available rights-free thru Bartleby and Google Books. Might be a good starting place for woodcut illustrations.
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Does it need to be public domain?

Penfield's homunculus is great, but still under copyright I believe.

This one is fabulous, but I don't know the real source.

Ernst Mach's inner perspective is also great, and should be public domain.
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Or since it has to fit on a business card, maybe the image in the lower left corner here, which depicts sublimation I believe.
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I am a cognitive science PhD student and I think there is nothing better than some of Ramon y Cajal's drawings of neurons. Vintage, beautiful, and they represent one of the foundational ideas of the discipline that has survived and informed pretty much all current psychology and neuroscience work (unlike, say, phrenology).
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There's also images of phrenology.
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