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My company would like to get our logo printed onto custom decals, for distribution at an industry event. Caveat: these are for sticking onto laptops, so they're not allowed to be adversely affected by heat.

Most of the event's attendees already have multiple decals from other companies on their laptops. I want to make sure we don't wind up being the company whose rogue decal leaks goo when the laptop temperature rises, crack and flake while the other companies' decals stay shiny.

Can we just order standard vinyl decals from any random print shop, or are there important details to know re glue and substrate selection? Oh, and print shop recommendations much appreciated if you've had laptop decals done.
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I've never had that happen due to heat, but I mostly put stickers on the lid of my laptop which doesn't get all that hot. Have you seen this on lids or are you concerned about stickers stuck to the wristrests or bottoms?
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Response by poster: Good question. All of the above. Likeliest places these will wind up, in order: (1) wrist rest, (2) lid, (3) underside.
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Best answer: You want something designed to be a bumper sticker. If it can survive a summer day on a black car, it can take anything a laptop can hit it with. Independent print shops can often do this, though you might need lead time, since they may send it out.
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I've had great experience with -- a sticker I made through that site back in 2005 or so is still on my car today, and in great condition despite heat and snow and rain.
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Best answer: Standard vinyl decals from any print shop will work okay. My wife's had the same sticker I cut out for her three years ago on her MacBook Pro and all the other stickers (Grateful Dead, some random record label sticker) she's had on there have slowly peeled off and turned to garbage.

Another data point: I've used the same cheap vinyl to cover tables, logos on TVs at work and as car stickers and never had trouble with any of it.

If you are really worried about it, specify you want the outdoor durable vinyl instead of the cheap stuff, but like I said..I've never had trouble with any of the stuff I've done cracking or peeling (flexible, strong vinyl; strong glue), and it's been a few years. The only 'problem' I've had was taking a sticker off of some painted drywall - the glue was strong enough to take the paint and part of the drywall off, but that could have been me just not being careful enough.
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There are also ways to have custom skins made that are specifically meant for laptops/phones, etc., if that is an option for your company.
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3M makes a product called "auto-wrap" or "vegicle wrap" that is printable, but I think it could be die-cut into the shape of a logo. (I believe this is what is usually used for those laptop skins.) Maybe a local print shop has some; I got small samples from 3M's web site and have been planning on using a piece of the "carbon fiber" textured stuff on an iPad to provide a better grip, like this video:

Here's the 3M web page for this whole range of products:
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