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We need a nanny/childcare in Seattle STAT! Help Seattle MeFites!

We're moving from Minneapolis to Seattle (yay!). On Tuesday.

We need a nanny or really good daycare any 3 days a week. How do we find a good one fast? We've tried SeattleNanny.com and did NOT get a good vibe. And most of the daycares we call have a 9 month waiting list.

Our daughter is 11 months old and we'll be living in Ballard.

Any advice? What are the good daycares or nanny agencies in Seattle?
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I have a ton of Seattle people with kids in my Facebook friends list, I'll put out a request and see if I can come up with anything.
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Check out Our Beginning. I know 3 year old that goes there. He likes it and his parents are reasonably happy with the place. All organic food. It is new so as far as I know there's no waiting list.

It is between Fremont and Ballard, a bit closer to Fremont.

Our Beginning.

(I have no affiliation, etc).
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We're moving to Seattle in the summer and I went to a daycare/preschool fair and can give you some ideas based on what I found and what a few people told me.

What price do you want to pay?
Where exactly do you want it to be located? (Give cross streets maybe?)

Have you tried to join your neighborhood parenting listserv yet?
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Response by poster: k8t:

To answer your questions, ~$400/wk for 3 days and somewhere near Ballard Market..

Tell me more about the parenting listserv!
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Best answer: Apparently this is the one that a friend who lives in Ballard used to find her nanny.
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Also: care.com and sittercity.com are great resources here in Portland, if you haven't tried those for Seattle that would be another place to check.
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Response by poster: Thanks, we will check out that board!
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