Can you name something German?
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There's a German, or Austrian comedian that goes around the US in public places dense with pedestrians and asks questions (mock interview style) about Germany, while playing up a euro-german sort of archetype. I have searched to no avail, if anyone could link or send a name it would very appreciated. And, it is so funny if I don't see it I will die. Thanks!
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I doubt it, but is it possible that you're thinking of Flula and Name Three Germans? He was on the Blue a while back.
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Can't stop laughing, yes thank you so much!
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Sounds a lot like (Canadian) Rick Mercer's Talking to Americans (Just in case you're interested.)
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Wow, I was certain this was going to be Borat. (not the best example but...)
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REminded me of Henning Wehn, who you may also like.
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Also: Bruno.
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