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Can any MeFites point me towards a (preferably under-$20) flask that is funky or memorable in some way?

I lost a friend's flask at a party and I'd like to replace it. I was thinking of getting him something Soviet themed, because he's a Russophile, but I'm worried about build quality. Suggestions appreciated.
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Urban Outfitters usually has a few flasks and they have good sales on their website. You could probably get one for under $20 but UO isn't exactly known for high-quality goods. (The CEO also donates a lot of money to radical-right-wing politicians, which I just recently found out. Boo.)

ThinkGeek might have some cool flasks!
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How about a personalized photo flask? You could use the logo of the Soviet Young Pioneers as your photo.
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These are fun and well made (I have two): http://www.izola.com/collections/flasks
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It's not Soviet and it's $39, but this flask, from the Married to the Sea comic, is funky and memorable (I think). (Click the flask for the ad copy)
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Northern Comfort
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Etsy has tons of really unusual flasks. Take a look.
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I have a Stanley Flask (same as this, in black), and it's sturdy and lovely. But I left it in Vancouver. Dammit.
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I should add that i didn't buy mine at Urban Outfitters, I got it at a little indie store in Van, so you might shop around and find a better price.
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This or these flasks from Suck UK aren't exactly Russian, but they're unusual.
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A friend of mine was in Russia and bought me a flask with an eagle emblem on it. Similar options are here, here, and on ebay.
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How about a $15 KGB flask
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Seconding Etsy. I also made a customized flask by printing on adhesive backed "sticker paper" and using a super cheap plain flask from Amazon.
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I've also bought a cheap flask and then had it engraved with the person's name/symbol. Cost totaled about $25-$30, I can't remember. You could get "Sorry About the Other Flask" engraved on it.
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A friend of mine has a flask (a gift from his 8-year-old son) engraved "I Love You Daddy." Totally not appropriate for your needs, but it's my favorite flask ever.
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