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I am a procrastinator and now I am up against a gift-giving deadline (Saturday!) with no time for shipping. For reasons I won't get into here, its really important that I can include custom stickers (small squarish ones like 2x2 or label size; dimensions are not so important). I thought it would be easy to have them made at Walmart or a drugstore but it looks like those places will only ship them to you, not print them in the store. If I have to, I can buy sticker paper and print them myself but the quality of my home printer is not great. Are there any obvious choices I am overlooking?
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Can't say for sure, but have you checked Kinkos?
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A smaller automotive place (you know, the ones that do up those hideous back-window Olde English tattoo-looking decals, and sell fancy rims and other "pimp-my-ride" stuff) might have the ability to print up a small run for you same-day.
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Response by poster: Ahhh I had not thought of Kinkos! [facepalm] I checked the website and there is no mention of stickers, unfortunately :/ Will have to check around about an automotive place...
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Best answer: Office Depot or Office Max. Sometimes you have to buy the pack of stickers in the store and then they will print them, sometimes they have individual sheets available (usually the former). Just bring what you want printed, formatted to the type of stickers you are buying, on a thumb drive.
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Seconding magnetsphere! Staples will do it too.
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Most craft stores sell little sticker-makers that work quite well for a small batch of things. That way, rather than print to a sheet of labels (annoying, low-quality), you could print on high-quality paper and then stickerify!
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