Can you help me pick a convention table runner?
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Have you ever bought a table runner or table cover for a convention-type table? Need some advice/recommendations.

For work I'm looking to buy a table runner that will be placed on top of the convention center's standard table cover (something like this or this. I'm overwhelmed by the options, and it's hard to determine the quality of the products that I've found online. I'd like something that is nice-looking but not super-expensive (we're a non-profit).

Have you ever bought anything like this? Vendor or product recommendations? Size recommendations?
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Totally not an expert on this, but one of your links describes this as screen printing, and so I would think you could use a local printer.

Googling "screen printing new orleans" pops up about 10 companies, and (again, totally not an expert) as far as I know a lot of places that will print T-shirts & such can also handle this kind of job.

This is only on my brain a little bit because the company I work for is getting a new batch of T-shirts & hoodies, and we actually had a trip down to the local printing company that does our work so we could check out various material weights & construction. So besides the sort of general principle of "think globally, act locally," you could probably get some actual info from real people and a higher level of customer service.
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