How to print a webpage with additional image
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Is there a way to add an image to a web page just for printing purposes?

When creating invoices for images we use from stockphoto sites, we have to print out the webpage and then stamp the page. I'm lazy and don't want to have to keep walking to my co-workers desk, thirty feet away, to use their stamp.

Is there a way to quickly place a scanned version of the stamp onto the web page and print it?

(I know that I can print the page as a pdf and go into PhotoShop and add the stamp and print that way. That's perhaps a bit too complicated/time consuming to be worthwhile.)

I'm on a Mac, btw.
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You could use a dedicated tool like Bronson Watermarker (which is still going to require the "print to PDF" step but could probably be automated with folder actions of some sort).
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You could apply a custom print style sheet to the page. It shouldn't be hard for someone with the right knowledge to do.
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If this is something you'll always want to appear on the printed version, then I +1 Nick Jordan. You can even use z-index to force the watermark to float above an existing element, or sit behind it.
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Yes, add the image to the page, and sent it to "display: none" in your normal style sheet, and add an "@media print;" rule that sets display back to some visible setting.
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Or have the image be a background image in the print style sheet.
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@ Nick Jordan, adamrice, tylerkaraszewski, kirkaracha: OP wants the image to appear on pages that he prints from his web browser, not on pages he owns that other people will print.

Many printer drivers allow you to customize the print job, including adding a watermark. Depending on your printer and the drivers installed, you could probably create a customized watermark and just select it when printing these pages.
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How about just buying another stamp? I assume you're talking about a rubber-stamp that says "PAID" or "TOP SECRET" or whatever. They're cheap. Even if you buy the Cadillac of rubber stamps you can't be out more than $30 or so.
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