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I want to create a number to send text messages (SMS) which will then post all the messages onto a Twitter feed...

The utility has to do with the North of Mali, creating a space for the non-internet but mobile equipped citizens to send and post text messages.

It seems Twitter requires the number of the sender to be linked to an account. I want anonymous texting ability from anyone, without needing to subscribe. I can set up a Google Voice number, but how do I set the messages to post directly to Twitter? Any quick and painless ways to set this up?
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Best answer: I'm not sure if you can use ifttt with a Google Voice number but it would be the simplest way to do that sort of thing.
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Best answer: You can configure Google voice to email you when you copies of incoming SMS messages. Then you can configure ifttt with email as the trigger and Twitter as the action.
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Response by poster: Awesome. Thanks for the ideas, I'll give it a shot.
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