How can I connect my laptop to my speakers wirelessly?
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Are there any simple wireless audio adapters that plug directly into 1/8" (or 1/4") audio jacks on a laptop or other mobile device? Perhaps bluetooth or some sort?

In my living room I often hook up my laptop or phone to my speaker system with a long 1/4" audio cable. This works fine when I'm working on the couch, but I'd really like some mechanism for connecting any audio-producing device to my speakers wirelessly. I did a quick search on mifi and saw a lot of stuff about home theaters and wireless networking of permanently embedded equipment, but I'm looking for something more portable.

I've seen this sort of thing work with radio transmitters in cars and I'm wondering if there is anything functionally equivalent that I could just plug one end into my device and the other into the speaker in slot.
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Yes, loads.

Here's a quick rundown of your options.
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This recent related question is probably worth your while reading.

In it I recommend the very portable Jambox. I also have these Mint Wireless Speakers. I don't use those anymore because no matter how I connect it always seems to be my left channel only--Terrible for The Beatles--it might be a fault of my device though. And it's less portable - not chargeable. But they are louder so ymmv.
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Oh. And the Mint speakers are a proprietary protocol. You have to plug their USB into your laptop. Jambox is Bluetooth so I can use it with my phone, laptop, wife's iPad etc.
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I bought this thing by Logitech a little while back, and I love it. I can pair my laptop with it via bluetooth, and play that way, or play wirelessly from my iPod (with bluetooth dongle). What sold me on this one in particular (though there are others that do this too, though it is important to note that many don't) is that it isn't battery powered. Many bluetooth receivers require recharging, and I was looking for a more permanent solution.

I've noticed no loss in sound quality, but occasionally when using it with video a tiny delay can be detected (seeing a gun fire before hearing it). Usually you can't notice this while people are speaking. And I must emphasize it is a very very small delay. I'm overall extremely happy with the move to wireless.
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Just to follow up, I bought the bluetooth reciever daboo linked and it works great!
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