Midwestern recombinant cuisine, Ashkenazi-style?
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Does anyone know of any recipes (casseroles? soups? sandwiches?) that feature gefilte fish as an ingredient? Through no fault of my own, I find myself the slightly bewildered owner of 12 pounds of gefilte fish in eight individually sealed jars. I need to eat them all in the next six weeks. Google has failed me, and apparently the famous Midwestern recombinant cuisine does not extend to gefilte fish.
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Maki rolls.

But is there any chance you could just take it out of the jars and freeze it?
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Oh, that's a tough one. Since you have so much, maybe you can experiment?

I love gefilte fish, by the way, but I've only ever eaten it solo, with horseradish. A couple pieces with a salad is a decent lunch.

Based on texture alone, I imagine it might be good, or at least interesting, sliced and fried in olive oil.

You could probably mash it up with some mayo and celery for a tuna-salad-like sandwich spread. Or just sliced on bread with lettuce and tomato and some hot mustard. (That actually sounds kind of good, come to think of it.)
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You can absolutely freeze gefilte fish.
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Fried gefilte fish is popular in the UK.

I was remember hearing about a gefilte fish gumbo when I was in college in New Orleans, but the only recipe I can find is on Yahoo! Answers. (Matzoh ball gumbo is definitely a thing, though. Maybe matzoh ball gefilte fish gumbo would also be a thing?)
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My grandma used to freeze her homemade gefilte fish all the time. Do that!

And then occasionally just slice it and make a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and a bit of horseradish. (If you really don't want to just eat it plain with horseradish, which is the only way i've ever had it. )
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Gefilte fish is basically a cold, unfried fish ball. So, yeah, as brina suggests, bread em up and fry em! (I'm assuming we're not still in the territory of Kosher For Passover.)

You could also theoretically mince them up and add them to anything you'd add canned tuna to. It might be a little drier, but just adjust liquids accordingly. You could probably adapt some kind of tuna noodle casserole to suit.

Part of me thinks a slice of gefilte fish would be lovely in a makeshift tuna melt.

The Cajun in me balks at gefilte fish gumbo, but I'm not from the northeast so gefilte fish chowder sounds fine by me. I'm sure it's very un-kosher, though.
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Great ideas so far! Just to clarify two points:

- I am not Jewish and do not keep anything even approaching kosher
- The six-week deadline is motivated not by fear of spoilage up but by my departure from this apartment. So better preservation techniques don't help me at all.
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In that case, a fried gefilte fish... hunk (????) with a poached egg on top and some sort of creamy sauce, maybe over a salad? I just ate dinner but am salivating at the notion.
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The six-week deadline is motivated not by fear of spoilage up but by my departure from this apartment. So better preservation techniques don't help me at all.

Ah. Well, I would donate most of it to a food bank, then, because that's way too much gefilte fish to eat in six weeks.
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crusty hoagie bread
a little mayo
red leaf or butter leaf or similar lettuce
mixture of chopped up pickles, hard boiled egg, a little scallion, and canned black olives
some gefilte fish
more lettuce
maybe a little butter
bottom crust

other ideas:
-in borscht or on the side
-as replacement filling in a stuffed cabbage recipe
-another sandwich but on rye, with red cabbage (slaw or pickled) and a nice beer
-slice thin, fry in butter, put slices between layers of thin crepes, top with sour cream or creme fraiche and a squeeze of lemon or orange, caviar garnish maybe
-another sandwich: kaiser roll, grilled scallions or ramp or spring garlic, breaded and grilled gefilte fish, a bit of russian sauce or thousand island
-single-pan dish: in a big saucepan, chopped up and sautéed with onions, mushrooms, carrots, garlic, once brown add a can of diced tomatoes and enough water to reach a proper boil, then add orzo or couscous and cook until that's done
-chopped into a more standard puttanesca
-with kimchi and sticky rice and a runny fried egg
-fried in chili oil with zucchini, on rice
-as a replacement for rice cakes in a ddukbokki recipe
-marinated? in soy/ginger/honey/rice vinegar combo, maybe, then grilled or fried or served with rice and miso soup?

dang it, I'm getting hungry
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Put it in tacos, with sliced cabbage or lettuce, and salsa. Or slice into a sandwich with mayo and horseradish. Or make really good friends with a cat.
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Have a gefilte fish farewell party!
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Do you have a dog?
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I'm with travelwithcats - though I'm slightly decaf this morning and originally was reading gefilte fish as "giraffe".
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I feel like there's an epic quest movie (or at least multi-part blog event) to be made from this. "I have 12 pounds of gefilte fish and 6 weeks to use it up!" Recipes, parties, successes, failures, concerns about lye build-up... Hilarity ensues! Honestly, the mind reels...
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So far:

2 jars eaten plain
1 jar sliced and pan-fried
1 jar made into tacos
1 jar made into fried rice

3 jars left.

This is turning out to be less of a problem than I imagined. It turns out I really like gefilte fish.
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