Do they make real estate agents who AREN'T jerks?
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I'm looking for a real estate agent in Westchester/Putnam county NY who would be truly helpful to someone shopping in the bottom of the housing market.

I'm (first-time buyer) looking to buy a house in upper Westchester County or lower Putnam County, NY. It's just me, my boyfriend (who is offering opinions, but not part of the buying process or going on the mortgage), and my dog, and I neither have a ton of money or need a ton of space, so I'm looking at the lower end of the market - generally, two bedroom houses going for between $130k and $180k. All good so far, except...the real estate agent I've been working with could not be making it clearer that a sale so small is NOT something he's interested in putting time into. If I find him listings, he'll grudgingly take me to see them, but he's not interested in finding anything that fits my requirements, and I really need that kind of help.

Do they even make real estate agents in this area who will be helpful to low-powered buyers like me? Or am I destined to have to get up close and personal with Zillow and every small town in two counties to find somewhere to live? I'd like to find an agent who I can present with a list of my wants ("within 30 minutes of X town, has dishwasher, in move-in condition", etc) and have them actually filter through listings to help me find houses, rather than me having to depend on what I can google up that might or might not work.

Can anyone recommend a real estate agent in the Westchester or Putnam County areas who puts effort into smaller house sales and could actually help me, rather than just unlocking the front doors of houses I find?
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Bleh. I feel your pain. When I bought my place in NYC I didn't bother with an agent; I screened my own listings on Zillow and LIMLS and hired a flat-fee lawyer for contracts and closing. YMMV. On the plus side, the listing agent might negotiate down their commission since they won't have a buyer's agent to split it with. On the minus side... more work.
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What agents have the types of houses listed that you want to buy? They will usually be happy to work in that price range and area. Interview several of them. Agents should be able to send you an automatic listing of what comes on the market that fits your specs.
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You should also be sure to look for "For Sale by Owner" signs and ads in appropriate neighborhoods and local papers.
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Best answer: I just did this because I'm selling my place and looking to possibly switch realtors.
Go to the Dave Ramsey website. There are local endorsed, recommended agents from him (not sure exactly what it means, but I suppose they agree with Dave's views or whatever). You input your information, including your price range, so it's not like they hear your range and laugh in your face. Local realtors will contact you via email (and likely phone, too) and you can go from there.

I was connected with three local realtors; I've spoken with one and I have a meeting with her on Saturday. And I'm selling at the bottom of the barrel ($100K), and I don't feel the least bit worried they will not take me any less serious than one who is selling in the $200k or over price range.

And f**k that realtor of yours. I can't believe she/he is treating you like that! IMO, $130K - 180K is NOT bottom of barrel. Also, what you desire (a realtor to filter through to find the specific housing elements you want) is EXACTLY what a realtor is supposed to do!
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Response by poster: Thanks foxhat - I've submitted a form there and got two phone calls within half an hour (I specified I preferred emails, but oh, well, beggars can't be choosers). Hopefully one of them will pan out!
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Response by poster: I've just returned from a meeting with an absolutely FANTASTIC realtor who contacted me as a result of my request to the Dave Ramsey website. She was appalled when I told her about the previous realtor's behavior, and we got more done in the three hours I spent with her today that I got done in all the time I spent with the previous realtor. I think we're on the right track now, and I thank you all for your help :)
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That's great to hear - I had good luck with mine, too. She's my new realtor. I'm glad I helped! Good luck to you.
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