Aging punk needs arch support
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Low profile, lots of arch support?

I've been wearing Vans for ~20 years, but my feet and ankles can't take the lack of arch support and cushioning anymore. What are some shoes that have a similar shape / profile, but won't leave me in pain?

I'd prefer something that is mostly or all black.
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Do your preferred shoes have removable insoles (some that are not technically made to be removable are just glued in and can be pried out pretty easily)? If so, you could probably get some custom insoles that would allow you to keep wearing them. I have very expensive, awesome insoles from my podiatrist that have allowed me to keep wearing lots of otherwise crappy shoes I like.
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Nothing really low profile will give you ankle support, but you could try a higher model of Vans with orthotic inserts in them for the arch support. Even if you don't go for custom made ones, or can't remove the insoles, a lot of off the shelf inserts for sports purposes are very thin but provide good cushioning and are focused on the arch. They work for me when I'm trail running in sneakers with a lightweight pack.
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Vans are terrible, ASIC Onitsuka Tigers are much, much better for arch support. The sole in general is more pliant and comfortable too.
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I mean Asics, of course.
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I don't know if they're too chunky for you, but Adidas Superstars have really good arch support. They come in all black.
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saucony has some old school low profile styles. not a ton of arch support but more than vans.
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