Did MetaFilter Invent "Plo Chops"?
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Did the term "plo chops" originate on MetaFilter?

On New Girl last night the little girl Jess was babysitting throws out a bunch of terms she thinks are sexual (aka, "Do you do 99?" instead of 69) and she asks about "plo chops." I laughed at the reference because I recall it showing up on MetaFilter in 2003, but my wife wasn't familiar with the term. So I wondered, did "plo chops" originate on MetaFilter?
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Best answer: It originated (as "blo-jobs") in this 1992 Spy article and misremembered here as "plo-chops."
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The Wiki says it was Ahhh-nold.
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Erm, "plo-jobs."
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Hmm, I found this on the wiki.
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I take full responsibility for any hilarity generated by misremembering something I read in Spy more than a decade earlier.
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