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Looking for anniversary present, what are some sites like that would be good for a woman?

I'm a member of BespokePost and love getting my little box of goodies every month... but my fiance is jealous!

So for our anniversary, I want to sign her up for a couple snazzy, but not expensive, things like BespokePost...

I guess I'm asking, what snazzy "of the month" type things are out there, preferably ones that give variety of things?
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I'm sure someone more knowledgeable about them will chime in on the plethora of makeup sample boxes you can get, but I got my first Field Notes notebooks from my subscription and LOVED them. They're quarterly, not monthly, though.
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There is Whimseybox, which sends you craft supplies - $15/month. I found that I didn't have time to play with them, so I just canceled my subscription.

There is also Birchbox, which I love. For $10/month, you get various make up/cleanser/fun samples, and if you review the samples you get on their website, you get points to take money off of purchasing full size products. I've found a couple of products I love this way, and find that it is a fun way to try various (likely expensive) products. They send a little card with how much the full price item is and information.
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Julep Maven - nail polish and nail care items. ($20/month)

Umba box - handmade items ($30/month)

Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box - music and food ($25/month)

UncoverMe Naturals Soap of the Month Club ($75/3 months)

Smallflower Bath of the Month Club ($85/3months)

There are also yarn of the month clubs, wine of the month, beer, cheese, etc.
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I did a roundup of these on my blog pretty recently.
I have Birchbox and really like it.
If someone was to offer me another, I'd choose
CandyJapan Every 2 weeks, you get a selection of cute Japanese candy. $24/month
ecoEmi Monthly eco-friendly products like lip balm, shakes, and scrubs to try out $15/month
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As others have said, Birchbox is great.
Quarterly is currently closed for new subscriptions, but they promise to open again soon.
LostCrates is what I'd get myself if I had a little bit more cash to spend.
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good & lovely is another nice one.
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