Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes...
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(Can I eat this? Filter) I had a bag of frozen potato pieces which was moved from the freezer to the fridge 3 days ago. It hasn't been opened yet. Are the (now thawed) pieces safe to bake and eat?

Actually, I have ALREADY EATEN THEM.

So my question is more like, am I going to die for having done that? They tasted ever so slightly off, but did otherwise smell and look fine.
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They were safe to eat.
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Potatoes that are in a refrigerator are safe to eat.
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Because I am a terrible human being, I frequently leave frozen things such as potato wedges, burritos and so on in the fridge to pre-thaw. It hasn't killed me yet and I've been doing it for years.
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Best answer: I'm not even sure what you think might have happened in those three days. Never in a million years would I hesitate to eat something that had been thawing for only three days, in a fridge.
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They probably tasted off because they're meant to be cooked from a frozen state, not a thawed one, which likely made them mushy or ever-so-slightly metallically tasting (or maybe that's only happened to me?).

They were never in the temperature danger zone, so you're fine.
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Sorry, I mean yes they are/were okay to eat, and no, you are not going to die.
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As a former professional chef and the usual voice of "NO NO NO" for these kinds of questions, on this occasion I can say that yes, they are (were) safe to eat.
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Unless they had been sitting out for a long time before you froze them, there should be no problem.

If there was a taste, it might also have been something they picked up in the freezer from more potent-tasting food in adjacent containers/baggies.
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Safe, but likely mushy and gross.
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