Looking for a care package for a medical student in New Orleans
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I'm looking for nice gift(s) for my brother who is about to take a major test, except the test in on Thursday, and he lives 1,800 miles away. What could I order or have delivered in New Orleans for a stressed out med student?
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Do you want it for him to have before or after? If after, I once called a Manhattan liquor store, from abroad, to make a gift delivery to a friend. Before or after, consider something relatively simple but thoughtful like a meal.
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I'd go in the semi-helpful, semi-cheerleading vein, say either chocolate-covered coffee beans (for before) or some sort of sports bath soak (for after), or both. cheap to buy, expensive to FedEx, but if you know anybody in his town, maybe you could get a fairy delivery? dunno...
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I was hoping for some fun local NOLA suggestions. Today is supposed to be a down day, but coffee beans are a great idea for any future cram sessions.

Does anyone know of local New Orleans restaurant that would take a online or over-the-phone gift card order?
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Maybe Cafe Du Monde does delivery or will let him come pick it up?
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