Lost Deep Space Nine Commercial or Fabricated Memory?
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I have a memory of Captain Picard announcing personnel transfers to Deep Space Nine at what might've been a press conference. Was it a commercial?

I've searched many times over the years, but I've never found any evidence of a commercial or segment like this: Captain Picard is standing at a podium in a large room, seemingly at a press conference or some other gathering, announcing crew transfers (particularly Miles O'Brien) to Deep Space Nine.

I want to say it was a commercial. If it was, it would've been aired in 1992 or 1993. I would have been only 7 at the time.

Was it a commercial? Was it a scene that I've somehow missed in more recent rewatches? Was it some other special segment?
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Sounds like one of the flashbacks from the series finale.
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I think you're talking about the third act of DS9's pilot, Emissary. Captain Picard is personally beaming Miles O'Brien over to O'Brien's new duty station on Deep Space Nine. I can see where Picard standing behind the transporter console in that scene would look like a podium, and Emissary first aired in January, 1993.
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I actually spent some time last night watching DS9 and TNG looking for this because it sounded familiar. But like fireoyster's link shows it in the DS9 pilot O'Brien and Picard had their goodbye on the transport deck.

I skimmed through the TNG finale as These Birds of a Feather suggested, but O'Brien and Picard's interaction took place in a timeline that coincided with the Picard's first day on the Enterprise and meeting O'Brien for the first time (actually Picard knew him already but O'Brien didn't know Picard).

I also looked on YouTube for promos from DS9 and found this playlist. (there are DS9/Voyager/TNG promos in there).

I'm suspecting my memory is conflating a Picard speech from a movie mixed in Worf's assignment. Or maybe they did cut an ad with Picard but again, based on the production values of those promos, I'd think they'd not create new content with Patrick Stewart and instead use clips of other stuff. And I'd think some fan out there would have uploaded a clip to YouTube by now.
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I agree, it doesn't seem like the kind of commercial they were airing for Star Trek at the time. I know the scenes that seem similar - it was also similar to the change of command ceremony in TNG's Change of Command, in terms of the podium and assembly and announcements, but I have very specific recollections of camera angles and the announcement of "crew/personnel transfers."

Might it have not been at the beginning of the series? Might it have been when Worf transferred instead? It would be even more unlikely they'd produce a commercial with Captain Picard at that time, but maybe there was something similar.
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I just finished watching TNG in its entirety over the course of 3 or 4 months. Can guarantee it's not in TNG. This doesn't ring a bell from my childhood, but I was a Voyager fan and not a DS9 fan (oh, the naivete of youth!), so it could well be associated with Worf's transfer.
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I didn't start seriously watching Star Trek every week until Voyager started, so I mostly missed the first two seasons of Deep Space Nine, and I only have very vague memories of the original run of TNG. My memory of this commercial/scene is only slightly stronger than my strongest memory of TNG (the final scene from The Chase), so that's why I think it was at the beginning of DS9, and not later on.

Thanks for your insights, everyone. I'll keep looking.
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