Dialogue is the story?
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Movies, shorts, and plays: Talking heads or dialogue-heavy?

I'm looking for some inspiration for some ultra-low-budget, possibly just for fun movie making. Even if they had a big budget, can you point me to movies, plays, student stuff on youtube, web episodes, anything that moves a story along, and culminates it, primarily through dialogue and subtext?

I want to create something where *something actually happens,* but it's "just" a few people talking alone in 1-3 locations. I suspect stuff like this is usually abysmal and navel-gazing, but I'll take that as a challenge.
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Primer is impressive in that it's done almost entirely through dialogue. Birdland would probably work too.

I assume My Dinner With Andre is a given.
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Anything by Aaron Sorkin.

I find The West Wing to be especially adept at this type of storytelling, but Sorkin's specialty seems to be "turn something with low stakes and not especially cinematic into an exciting nailbiter solely through the use of dialogue."
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Glengarry Glen Ross
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Would "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset" meet your criteria? It's mainly the two characters walking and talking about life, etc.

Or "6 Degrees of Separation"?
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Per Glengarry Glen Ross and Six Degrees of Separation, most plays adapted into films would probably do nicely.
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The Booth at the End -- a short science fictional TV series that takes place (IIRC) entirely in one booth in a diner.
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Seconding Primer which was made for $7000.

As Sara C. suggested, movies made from plays tend to be very dialogue driven with little action. On of my favorites is Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

See also movies made by John Cassavetes.
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The Man From Earth

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Swimming to Cambodia
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Coffee and Cigarettes sounds like what you're looking for. It's basically ten short movies about people talking over coffee and cigarettes.
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I see that people have already suggested the ones that immediately came to mind. So consider this a second to most of what's already been posted.

12 Angry Men
The Last Supper
Lots of Woody Allen films
Lots of Kevin Smith films
Nine Dead
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Just watched the new Roman Polanski "Carnage" which is just four people in a room and it was excellent.
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Eric Bogosian's "Talk Radio."
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Waiting for Godot
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Some movies I've enjoyed that are essentially just one long conversation: Tape, Melvin Goes to Dinner, Interview.

And a couple movies I really love that have some action, but are still mostly dialogue and use a very limited location: Buried, The Disappearance of Alice Creed.
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Mamet's Oleanna, there's like no possible way you could do worse than the existing film version.
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Walking and Talking.
Seconding Carnage and Melvin Goes to Dinner.
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You Can Count On Me
Reservoir Dogs, oddly enough.

Other Play->Movie suggestions
Death and the Maiden
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Henry Jaglom, maybe
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A lot of Shakespeare's plays. The radio version of the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Probably anothing by David Mamet. Danton's Death by Georg Buchner - it's been a few years since I've last seen that, but I remember it as pretty dialogue-driven. How about Under Milk Wood?
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It's been ten years since I saw it, but Thirteen Conversations about One Thing might fit.

Also, The Trip - it has more like half a dozen locations, but it's practically all (very funny) talking between two people.
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