Need a specific Workpress plugin for sending emails
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Is there a Wordpress plugin for sending "form letter" emails?

I'm working on building a new website for my neighborhood association, and am just going with Wordpress since it's so easy to set up and it meets our basic needs for the most part. One thing I can't easily find (not really sure what I should be googling for, I guess) is the ability to have an "email city council" form on the site. I've found a lot of 'contact form' plugins, but I haven't found one that does what I'd like.

Ideally, we set up a page with a pre-filled letter (allowing the user to change anything in the letter) an input for their email address and name, and a send button. On the back end, we'd configure it to send an email to 1 to n recipients. A contact form would work, I think, provided we can provide different emails for different forms. The ones I tried only let you have all the forms send to one address.

Any ideas on if there is a plug in like this? I'd like to avoid the 'mailto' links, and I'd prefer not to roll my own if one already exists. Since I've seen these around (contact your senator an whatnot), I assume someone has written one already.

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Gravity Forms (paid) is a great form plugin. You might have to play with the styling a bit to get it to look like a form letter, but you can definitely set up multiple forms that get sent to different addresses.

Contact Form 7 should do this too. Every time you create a form, you have to setup a recipient (or recipients), so that should meet your needs. The interface on the backend certainly isn't as nice as GF, but it is free.
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You can easily do this with Contact Form 7. To get multiline data in a text area, format the tag like so:

[textarea xxx]
Here is my

and it should output correctly.
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Thanks guys! For some reason, when I tried Contact Form 7 it didn't do what I needed, but I think I may have been looking at it late at night. Thanks for the reassurance that it can send tp multiple recipients, I'll give it a second non-sleepy look :)
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