Need a good couch co-op game
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I need suggestions for good couch co-op games to play with my wife on our Xbox 360. She has been playing the hell outta Skyrim and has finally gotten the handle on using a controller for 1st person control. Was thinking Portal 2 but I need some more suggestions

We have played some of the Lego games together and that was fun (but crap the deign of those games drives me nuts...). Pretty much any genre would be considered

Added bonus (but not required) if the kids (ages 6 and 9) can play it too
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Best answer: You might want to check out this previous question. As I said in that question, we really liked the co-op mode of Splosionman/Ms. Splosionman. If you have four controllers, all four of you can play at the same time if you want (I have not tried it myself though, and some of the levels seemed clearly designed for two players so I'm not sure exactly how well that would work).
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The Star Wars Battlefront games (I & II) are lots of co-op fun, and since they are original Xbox games, you should be able to get them at a discount.
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Minecraft is coming out soon.

Also Borderlands.

And Braid isn't technically co-op, but it might as well be.
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Best answer: Minecraft is coming out in a few weeks for the 360 and it will have split screen co-op, definitely kid friendly.

Portal 2's co-op missions get pretty challenging on 360 IMHO, and it's kind of short, single player is great though.

Borderlands is great, tons of replay value and more of a skyrim-ish pace, not really kid friendly and their handling of split screen is a little weird though. They've said they'll improve split screen for Borderlands 2 which comes out this fall.

Snoopy Flying Ace is a good co-op/multiplayer game (I guess kid friendly w/ cartoony violence), supports up to 4 player split screen.

Earth Defense Force is awful in a charming sort of way, but still a lot of fun, big hit with my buddies.

Cooptimus is a good site, though it doesnt list XBLA games.
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If she enjoyed Skyrim, you might try Fable 3. It allows you to drop in with a character from any other account (even non-xbox-live local accounts) to assist with any part of the story.
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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light was fun and cheap (but it is two only).
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Best answer: Cooptimus does list XBLA games. From the main page, mouse-hover over "systems" then select "Xbox Live Arcade".
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Best answer: Nthing Borderlands.

My wife and I also play a lot of Carcassonne, Plants vs. Zombies, and Puzzle Quest, all multiplayer games through Xbox Live Arcade. We tried some co-op Call of Duty (one of the older ones allowed for split screen multiplayer, can't remember which one), but it didn't go over as well.
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Dungeon Defenders. Super-fun combo of tower defense and hack-and-slash action rpg...IIRC, you can play with up to 4 players...warning:addictive. (and portable on iPhone/android)
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Skylanders is expensive, but I really enjoyed it and my kids did too.

N+ is pretty fun with two players. It is download-only I believe.

Age of Booty is another downloadable multiplayer game that is fun.

Disney Universe is reminiscent of the Lego games, but a bit more mean-spirited (you can hurt each other).

And it's not co-op, necessarily, but my whole family enjoys the "Worms" series.
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Rayman Origins! It's a 2D side scroller so she'll pick it up pretty quickly.
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Dungeon Siege 3 has decent coop. You Don't Know Jack is great. COD Black Ops on the training mode is very fun. Good Luck!
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Husband and I LOVED Resistance: Fall of Man. The second game isn't coop, but the first and third are. I can't even remember the last time we played a game all the way to the end before Resistance.
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I highly recommend Stubbs the Zombie (made for the original xbox but compatible with the 360). It's nice single player, but rip-roaring fun in coop.
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Had to come back and update, Sweetikins and I have been playing a lot of Minecraft now that it's been ported to the Xbox. Mix of adventure and building things, including giant dream houses that overlook seaside vistas, etc. Good times.
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