Another use for parsley
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Who's this eating my parsley? I haven't found much use for the herb but in a few dishes, but these critters are having a feast.

I have two different types of caterpillars munching on my parsley. There's enough to go around since it's just me and the bugs eating on the stuff. I'm happy to share. But, who are they and who are they going to turn into when they grow up to be big and strong?
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Best answer: The big one is the caterpillar for a black swallowtail butterfly.
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Best answer: ..actually, they both are. The smaller of the two looks like an earlier stage.
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I grew parsley for those critters when I was a kid. I saw a black swallowtail butterfly on Sunday and was thinking about doing it again.
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They also love dill. Have planted a big batch of dill for them.
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I used to play with those from my parents' garden every summer as a kid; they are easy to raise in a container and do indeed turn into beatiful Black Swallowtails; so if you have kids that might be a fun project for them, as reccommended by the National Trust. Just watch out for the osmeterium!
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Yup, definitely black swallowtail.
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Yep. If you are blessed you will see the chrysalis and then the emerging butterfly like I did. Way cool!
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govtdrone: "They also love dill. Have planted a big batch of dill for them"

My first encounter with the caterpillar -> butterfly transition was with Black Swallowtails that were eating my mom's dill plants, as opposed to the Monarchs everyone else seems to remember.
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I plant parsley just to attract black swallowtails, too. If you keep planting in the same place, they'll keep coming back. A little parsley is a small price to pay for repeat visits from such impressive creatures.
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Response by poster: Y'all are great: Answer in a minute.

The caterpillars are still happily munching on the parsley. They haven't bothered the dill or cilantro in the pot that's next to it.

I'll transplant the parsley into the yard since it's bolting and I have replacement seedlings ready to pot out. Will report back if they stick around and make awesome butterflies.
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Response by poster: I added blackseallowtail to the tags.
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Response by poster: I never saw any crysalis since they managed to eat the plants down to the stalks and left for better food sources. However, I did see many of the beauties flitting about the butterfly bush late this summer.
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