What web survey tools can give analytical feedback to survey taker?
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Looking for a web based survey tool that can give feedback to survey takers at the end

Hi Mefites: I need your help:

I'm looking for a web based survey tool that give feedback to the survey taker at the end on how they compare to previous takers.

I have a list of roughly 100 multiple choice questions, and at the end of the survey, the survey taker will receive a feedback report on how his responses stack up to others who have taken the test.

I know Zoomerang can do something like this with their 'poll' option, but can they do more advanced calculations of the data before giving out the final feedback report? I'm not just looking for simple feedback such as "20% of people who answered this question said A", but some mid level statistical analysis.

I doesn't have to be free, but that would be nice ;)

Thanks in advance!
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Google Form. Entries end up in Google spreadsheet. Do analysis on a separate worksheet of the spreadsheet. Make analysis page accessible via html. Present URL to analysis page at the end of the survey.

On the analysis page display comparison between last entry (highest non-empty row) and i.e. averages.
If many people answer at the same moment they might be presented with the result of someone else. If one leaves the result page open & refreshes, they could see all following results.
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