Stories of abuse
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Looking for good short stories or essays about abusive relationships

I'm particularly interested in stories of emotional more than just physical abuse, and not just of men against women either. The point of view can be either from the abuser or the victim, or even third person, but I'm curious what good writing has been done in this area.
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Dorothy Allison writes eerily powerful stories about abuse (emotional, sexual, etc.), and other topics. Bastard out of Carolina, Cave Dweller, you name it.
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Ray Bradbury - Interval in Sunlight, maybe?
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Alice Munro is one of my favorite short story writers and has done some excellent writing touching on this. Try Vandals from her collection titled "Open Secrets" or the title story from the book "Runaway".
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Joyce Carol Oates: Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?
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A lot of Raymond Carver's work covers this ground.
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A Child Called It.
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Brainscan zine #21 (non-fiction, not sure if that's what you're looking for)
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A Jury of Her Peers
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