I wanna hear more about the fall of man!
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What are some good songs that use imagery of Adam and Eve/the fall of Eden in their lyrics?

I belong to a small music-trading group; every other month, members can submit 15 minutes of music, give or take a few minutes, for everyone else to listen to and comment on.

For the upcoming month's trade, I want to put together a set of songs that reference or play with the story of Adam and Eve in the garden. The impetus for this set is my current obsession with Nina Simone's Forbidden Fruit; I also want to include Dan Bern's Eva which isn't a direct retelling but does use some of the fall of man/tempting Eve imagery.

Forbidden Fruit and Eva together are about seven minutes. I figure I can squeeze in one to three additional songs, depending on times. Got any good takers?
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The Wailing Wall: Fear No Apple Fear No Flood
posted by otolith at 6:06 PM on April 16, 2012

Low: Missouri
Joanna Newsom: '81
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Billy Bragg, A Lover Sings.
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Peter Gabriel (with Sinead O'Connor), "Blood of Eden"
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Snake by PJ Harvey
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Eve, the Apple of my Eye by BellX1
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"Hard to Be" by David Bazan.

It's written very tongue-in-cheek refuting the whole origins of Christianity story from someone who grew up in a Christian household and is now questioning his beliefs, and the family and personal drama that results from that.
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Ani Difranco has a song called Adam and Eve.
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Laurie Anderson. The Language of Love.
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October Project, Adam and Eve
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Genesis 3:23 by The Mountain Goats is in some way "about" the expulsion from Eden, but doesn't directly reference it.
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It's kind of a vague reference, setting up an apparently dystopian scenario and referring to Eden in the title to illuminate the song's meaning, but Josh Ritter's "Temptation of Adam" is too beautiful not to list here!
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Seconding Temptation of Adam. It's amazing.
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If you want to go back into (semi) historical music, Adam Lay Ibounden as performed by the Mediaeval Baebes is a medieval hymn about the fall rendered by a modern musical group.

Also seconding the October Project song.
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Heather Nova - Walk This World (more prelapsarian)
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Todd Snider - If Tomorrow Never Comes
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"I guess I heard about original sin. I heard the dude blamed the chick. I heard the chick blamed the snake. I heard they were naked when they got busted. I heard things ain't been the same since."
The Hold Steady: Cattle and the Creeping Things
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Not a re-telling, but a reference to it. David Bazan - When We Fell
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Tahiti 80 - Darlin' (Adam & Eve Song)

Talk Talk - Eden, although it's a very loose connection, if any, to the original story

For a happier (and funkier) inversion of the story, how about The Explosions' Garden of Four Trees?
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Mother Love Bone, "Come Bite The Apple."
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The Oyster Band - The Old Dance (from Step Outside)
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Fallen Angel by Sister 7.
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Aerosmith- Adam's Apple
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Joanna Newsom - '81 (on 'have one on me'):

"I found a little plot of land in the garden of eden
it was dirt and dirt is all the same
I tilled it with my two hands
and i called it my very own
there was no one to dispute my claim."
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