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Can you identify the shoes Michelle Obama wore on Colbert?

Here's a pic.

I covet them and would love to know where to buy. Thanks!
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Here is a bigger picture (2048 x 1364). I know better than to say this from years of shoe shopping with women, but they just look like basic metallic colored heels. Good luck with finding them though, I'm sure it's some high end brand I have no idea about.
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She has worn them before. They could be one of the many versions (Wet Seal, Dorothy Perkins, Wild Diva) of these Lanvin silver pointed kitten heels – but it's not the Lanvin because the top seam is missing.
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Stuart Weitzman makes one that is close as well.
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Okay, here are my best guesses:

Jimmy Choo Aurora

Manolo Blahnik Lisa

Less likely (too silvery, textured): Kate Spade New York Licorice

Now you have me wanting a pair!
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Here's a really good image of them. I'm posting this now so that others can see, but I'm still on the hunt.
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They do really look like the Jimmy Choo's that trigger linked to up there.
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The Jimmy Choo's look like the heel isn't metallic, though. Otherwise, yeah, they look really similar.
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I'm gonna say they are probably these D&Gs. The color looks the most similar to me, and the join of the sole to the upper looks a lot like what you can see in the picture 200burritos posted. Those Jimmy Choos are pretty similar, but they have a gold-tone heel, which Mrs. Obama's do not. Only thing I'm not sure of is the D&Gs have kind of an almond toe, and hers look a bit pointier, but it's hard to tell from the angles we can see.
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She has a bunch of Jimmy Choo kitten heels, not that these are one of 'em.
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Also, have 2.5-inch heels always been considered "kitten heels," or are heels just getting higher now? I think of kitten heels as 1 inch, max.
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It's difficult to search for these shoes by looking at specific shoes currently being sold because Mrs. Obama was wearing this same pair of shoes at least as early as April 2011. So she's had the shoes for a year, at minimum. (Google searches landed me in SEO Land, but it seems possible she's actually had these magical silver pumps since 2009.)

So yeah. What's on the market now may not may not match up perfectly with shoes that could be up to three years old. (If it did, I would be able to procure another pair of those amazing Coclico round-toed pumps with the little buckles on the vamps.)
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Another sighting of the same shoes from October 2010?
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(sometime before) May 2010
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If they're old, you're probably SOL, although those D&G's that zadermatermorts posted look mighty close -- they're on the platinum/titanium side of silver, have the very pointed toes, etc. If you can swing the $$, they might be fun enough! heh.
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Best answer: The silver color to search for is "pewter" (not platinum or titanium, those are both lighter, sorry acm)
The finish is "mirror" but "patent" will get you close.
The style is pump (or if in Europe, "court") with pointy toe and mid-heel.

These Ivanka Trump shoes are nearly dead on, even down to the sole color.
I found some others with higher heels like the Btorra and the knock-off Orra, but if you want to match those, I think the Ivanka Indico's are it.
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Response by poster: Everyone was soo helpful! Thanks!

I too would consider the shoes higher than a kitten heel.

Marked rmless Ivanka's as best due to budget and "pewter".
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