We need recommendations for an affordable couples' counselor in NYC.
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My husband and I need recommendations for couples' counseling in NYC, Manhattan or Brooklyn, and would love something relatively affordable (under $120/session, if possible).

It's nothing terribly dire, but we need to resolve some issues involving his work, my life goals and reaching compromises about our 5 year plans. We don't have insurance. An LCSW is preferable, and we'd rather not do group therapy unless it's the only affordable option. Thanks in advance!
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Could you have a mod post an anon email address for you so that people don't have to post their therapists' names publicly on the internet?
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You can try using the find a therapist tool at Psychology Today. You can filter by insurance and all sorts of other options.
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The Ackerman Institute has low-cost couples and family therapy. You can work with graduate students in training, or licensed therapists, and they have sliding scale based on income.
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MeMail me.
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