Skinny-ish jeans?
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The top third of my legs is a size and a half bigger than the bottom two-thirds. Where on earth can I buy skinny jeans/pants? Preferably under $50?

Generally, when I go to a store like the Gap or Target, I will try on a size 8 and a size 10 in skinny jeans. Almost always, the 10 fits me around the waist and upper thighs but looks loose and weird and gappy below mid-thigh. Size 8s fit through the rest of the leg but are too tight around the middle. I usually make do with the 10s, but I definitely notice that other people on the street have better-fitting pants than I do.

My legs are pretty long and slender, so despite my big ol butt I don't look weird in skinny pants, and I've worn out the few pairs I've found from wearing them so often. If I had my way I would wear nothing but skinny pants and jeans in a rainbow of colors.

If I could find a source for pants like this that actually fit me, that weren't too expensive, and that came in lots of different colors, I would buy 10 pairs. Help me! I live in NYC if it matters.
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Is getting a pair of size 10s and have a tailor take the legs in out of the question? It would probably only cost about $10-15, which may be cheaper/better than having to deal with the prices and (lack of) variety of wherever you'll be getting jeans cut the way you describe. Keep in mind, however, that if you're getting skinny jeans with a lycra blend (i.e. if they're stretch jeans and not just skinny) tailoring might be trickier/more expensive.
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Have you tried the Moto high-waisted Kirsten jeans at Topshop? I have friends who have the same problem than you and who love those jeans. By reading the reviews you'll get an idea of how they fit and to whom.
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I have different fit problems than you, but I agree that jeggings are a good idea - they're much stretchier than jeans and it's easier to find a good fit.
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I have turned old flare jeans into skinny jeans doing just what griphus advises, except I did it myself. Basically I put the jeans on inside out, pin them against my leg as tight as I want them, take them off, and then sew up the line of the pins. Then I cut off the excess fabric. Voila! Skinny jeans.

They're still a bit taboo, but jeggings are also much skinnier than skinny jeans, so if you buy some in your waist size they'll likely fit your legs. Many now come with pockets and zipper flies so you can't tell that they're jeggings.
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We are the same. Stretch jeans are your friend. I rock 7 for All Mankind and Guess stretch because that is what works for me, but it's a bit out of your range? I don't know, I feel like jeans that actually fit my body (despite being cheesy 'brand names') are worth splurging on. Try to find those two brands on sale, at least.
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I've the same problem, and do what griphus suggests and like zoomorphic do it myself. It is truly the easiest thing ever. I used to do it 25 years ago when I wanted skinny jeans and jeggings and stretch jeans did not yet exist. And I did it again this spring when I realized that skinny jeans were never going to be skinny on my lower leg.

I also spent some time on this morning following the advice from another denim thread. It might help you find what you are looking for without alterations.
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If you're not already aware, "stretch jeans" and "jeggings" are different articles of clothing, although I'm more than sure there are places selling one as the other. If you want to do a continuum based on lycra-content it'll look like this:

(no lycra) regular jeans --- skinny jeans --- stretch jeans --- denim jeggings --- jeggings (all lycra)
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Joe's Jeans (especially those that specify they're for curvy types, though really all of them work pretty well) have been my solution to this. They're a little bit pricy, but you can often find them on sale (or on ebay). Just try some on first to check your size, as they tend to run big.
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I have a big ol' butt and thighs while being fairly slim elsewhere, and the only skinny jeans that I can wear without feeling like a freak are from PacSun, specifically the Hermosa Super Skinny style.
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showbiz_liz, I have a similar problem, and it's SO frustrating! I think I may have a solution, though: Levi's Curve ID jeans. I just tried on a bunch of pairs yesterday at one of their stores and I've never had skinny jeans fit me so well. Even though the "curve" part refers to the curve of your butt, for some reason, they fit better in my thighs too. Good luck! Definitely report back with what you find!
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I haven't shopped at Target recently, but got several pairs of jeans from them last year that are the first that ever fit my proportions right. Very exciting. They had 4-6 different cuts to target (har) various body types. Around the time, Macy's was carrying a major label line of jeans (the Levi's lagreen mentioned, maybe...?) doing something similar.
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It looks like having jeans custom built to your measurements might squeak in right under your budget.
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I would definitely, strongly second Levi's Curve ID jeans - I have a body like you describe, and the "bold" curve jeans have spoiled me for buying any other jeans (I don't even really like my other pants anymore those jeans fit so well!)
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