MetaFiltro! lmao
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Ask Metafilter in Spanish?

Hello lovely hive,

Does anyone know another site like Ask Metafilter but in Spanish?(preferably Mexico/Latin America based, as opposed to Spain)

Muchísimas gracias!
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I'm guessing Yahoo Respuestas is not what you want.

There are other sites, like (Respuestas) and Todoexpertos, but AFAIK there's nothing as big as AskMeFi.
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For what it's worth, english sites like are also viewable in other languages using Google Translate, which does a decent job. Most of the links work except for logging in, searching, and posting from what I can tell. I think there's addin's that make the experience more seamless. (if that is even something you're looking for).
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Anybody know a Spanish language site like Metafilter?
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