MacGyver uses these for his fridge magnets
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What are some awesome projects made with unlikely or upcycled materials?

For our upcoming wedding we're doing alot of the work on our own. Included in this venture are various items of our own design/construction like DIY tiki torches with split bamboo as the pole with a hidden grolsh style beer bottle holding the lantern fuel, hundreds of hard drive platters as mirrored surfaces under centerpieces, LED throwies*, and wine bottles turned drinking glasses that our guests can take home.

Anyway, the DIY spree we've been on has heightened my desire to catalog and/or research other cool projects that people seemingly pull out of nowhere and end up with a functional result. This is not about making car bumper chickens which, while nice, hold little or no interest for me.

What are some other projects in this vein that you've seen or done and been impressed by the results/potential?
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Recycleart has tons of ideas.
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Pinterest is great for this sort of thing. I linked you to a search for 'upcycling', but you can also just browse through the many, many boards of DIY tutorials.
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My brother makes furniture out of shipping pallets and foam boards and lists them on Etsy. Memail me if you want a link to his store.
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My cousin does this. Here are some examples of projects he's done. My favorite is the suitcase end table.
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