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For a project I'm doing, I'm looking for songs in Spanish that demonstrate voseo (the use of the informal second-person singular pronoun vos). This way of speaking isn't technically "standard" Spanish, so I don't exactly know how to search for songs that show this usage.

In standard Spanish, you've got some ways of talking to one person (the second grammatical person):

, informal singular || tú hablas inglés
usted, formal singular || usted habla portugués
vosotros, informal plural (Spain) || vosotros habláis francés
ustedes, formal singular || ustedes hablan chino

However, in many parts of Latin America, there is another form for the informal second-person singular: vos. Following the above example sentences, one might say "vos hablás español." Vos replaces , and hablás is its accompanying verb form.

I'm doing a little presentation on this whole construction, and I'd like to have some "multimedia" to illustrate the concept, but I'm having a hard time finding songs in Spanish that do so. Do y'all know of any songs that use vos instead of tú forms? Thanks!!!
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Lots of voseo in tango. I would just search "tango" and "vos" and you will get a bazillion hits. The early Ernesto Famá hit "Por vos yo me rompo todo" is one example from the 1930s.
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What have you done to find songs. I'm sure you know that voseo is common in Rioplatense Spanish, so that's a good place to start. Have you looked through tango lyrics? Argentinian rock nacional? Andres Calamaro, Soda Stereo…
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Fito Paez, che!

This one was all over the radio when I was in Buenos Aires 20 years ago.

Cada vez que pieso en vos,
Fue amor, fue amor.....
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Enanitos Verdes Solo alguien como vos

They're from Argentina and use the vos form, this is a slower song. They have more fun rock en espanol style songs too.
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Best answer: For tango, you can get complete lyrics and streaming audio at

There's tons of these, as others have mentioned, but off the top of my head try Gardel/Razzano's "Mano a mano":

"Vos tenés el mate lleno de infelices ilusiones..."
(Caetano Veloso also did an interesting cover of this a few years back)

And for imperative forms, there's Piazzolla/Ferrer's "Balada para un loco":
"Bailá! Vení! Volá!"
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Para vos. also be prepared cause this song is totally bananas.
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In general, check into the Zizek/ZZK label. Based out of BA, it has some great artists, most of whom are porteños and will use voseo. I would do some research slash links but i am on an iphone and that is a major pain. Suerte!
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Best answer: And if it's "multimedia" more generally that you're looking for, think about film/TV clips as well. For example, here's a famous scene from the film Nueve Reinas (the language is crude but it's correctly conjugated) with the dialogue transcribed in the lead comment.

And/or, what about comics? The inimitable Mafalda has lots to choose from. On this page -- a few strips down, I like "Que hacés, Premio Nobel de la maceta?"
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Best answer: Some great tango lyrics (helpfully translated) from singer Tita Merello here
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Vos Sabes
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For sure los Enanitos Verdes (from Argentina) and Juanes (from Colombia)

Juanes - A Dios Le Pido
"Que si me muero sea de amor
Y si me enamoro sea de vos
Y quede tu voz sea este corazón"

Enanitos Verdes - Mil Horas
"Vos estas tan fria
Como la nieve a mi alrededor
Vos estas tan blanca"
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Jorge Drexler - Guitarra y Vos
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"Cae el sol" by Soda Stereo (probably on YouTube)
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