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I want to become intimately familiar with Venezuelan politics; what should I read?

I used to live in Caracas, but stopped following events there sometime in 2003 because of the headaches involved in figuring out whether I even trusted what I was reading. So I have a lot of catching up to do.

I know what the main newspapers and tv stations there are. I don't know what bloggers and columnists are out there, nor what books have been published. What should I read? Who should I keep tabs on? Both English and Spanish resources are fine, both chavista and opposition positions are fine.

(Oh, and another thing - is there a way to receive some sort of alert when an article about Venezuela or Chavez is published in mainstream media like the Washington Post or whatever?)
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Oops, should've added twitter to the list. Did not realize how into twitter latin america was.
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The Economist covers Venezuelan politics quite frequently. They do not appear to be great fans of Hugo Chavez. In terms of getting news updates I would think about setting up one news alert from (say) and another for
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Well, Sr. Chávez himself has a verified Twitter account, so there's that.
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