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Inspired by this comment, I am on a search for read-aloud friendly erotica. (specific stories or authors) Suggestions, metafilter? I'd prefer something that is on the internet, but books are ok too.

The requirements:
  • short, or amenable to reading excerpts of
  • not necessarily a lot of plot
  • somewhat well-written
  • preferably with some amount of domination. I like reading about men dominating women, but am also into queerer fare
  • hot as shit
I would love love love to find more things written in the first person from the point of view of a woman who is being topped.

A few examples of things I have enjoyed are this collection of super-short smutlets, and The Leather Daddy and the Femme, and everything Sinclair writes. None of those things are particularly straight, but I like straight things too!

I'm mostly looking for things on the internet (for free? are there good places to go and pay?), but if you know amazing collections in book-form, tell me about them!

I know about sites like, but I'm looking for suggestions of specific stories or authors.
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Vox by Nicolson Baker can be read in installments. It runs the gamut of hot, cozy, funny, smart, and edgy.
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so some..friends of mine...hosted readings of The Delta of Venus by Anias Nin in their dorm rooms in college, and it was awesome. they're short stories and range from legitimately hot to ridiculous/hilarious, mostly hetero but women-centered. Things get weirder and wilder than you would expect for something probably written in the 40s. It's like two bucks for a paperback on Amazon, so there's not a big investment.
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Holiday Party was the favorite from a recent read-aloud erotica gathering my friends and I had. It's short, and fantastic.
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A regular feature in the independent feminist magazine Bust is the 'One-Handed Read'--which is one-page explicit erotica. You'd have to pay for a mailed or digital subscription, but it's a good magazine (I think). The 'One-Handed Read' has been employed in the way you describe around here with no complaints. Also, there are a lot of digital publishers who include in their catalog short erotica pieces--and at these sites you can search by theme (including BDSM). For example, Samhain, Loose-Id, and Ellora's Cave. Most of the time, these pieces run sub $3.00.

For the specific theme you're describing, I think Cara McKenna's work (in general) is amazing, and many adore Willing Victim (I also love Dirty Thirty). Also, Charlotte Stein, especially Sheltered or All Other Things. If you get into longer works to read in sections, you can't ever go wrong with Megan Hart, especially her amazing book Broken (terrific to read in sections). She also writes shorts--I really loved Indecent Experiment (and a fun thing to do is to actually DO the experiment that drives the plot between the couple--hot), This Is What I Want, and Layover. She also explores D/s themes. I mention all these specific writers because besides being super hot, they write really really well.
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The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice is a medieval erotic fantasy about noble-born tributes serving as erotic slaves in the high queen's court. I've read excerpts aloud to partners before, it's fairly eloquently written, obviously lots of domination, and does include queer encounters.

For free short erotic tales online, the True Sex Stories tag at is worth a scan-through to find what you're looking for. Examples 1, 2.
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