Flash Video Troubles
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The red and blue channels of *some* videos I watch with the Firefox Flash plugin on sites like youtube are swapped. Halp?

I'm running Xubuntu Precise Pangolin 64bit. I'm kinda stumped at this one. My google-fu failed. Thanks.
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Response by poster: Flash version is
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Sounds like a graphics driver problem. Are you using a binary driver or an open source driver?

Does your video card support hardware acceleration for certain video types?
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Response by poster: I'm using the NVIDIA driver installed by the "Additional Drivers" utility. It lists 2 versions and this happens with both.
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Best answer: It's a known bug. I tried the /etc/adobe/mms.cfg fix, which corrected the colors but caused Flash to crash on most sites. The only thing that worked was disabling hardware acceleration (right-click in Flash > Settings > uncheck "Enable hardware acceleration").
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Response by poster: djb got it right on all fronts!
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