I want to re-read a book and I don't know the name or writer
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I need the name of a book that I read last year.

The main character has a low i.q. His family abandoned him to be raised by his grandmother, who worked with him every day so that he had life skills. The story starts once she dies. His family takes all assets, including the house he shared with her, and really screws him.

He makes friends, wins the lottery, improves his favorite local fishing store. He comes up with the idea to hold workshops. It's a huge success. He is in love with the girl who works at the local convenience store. She hooks up with his best friend, who gets her pregnant and then dies. Main character ends up taking care of her and baby, being extremely successful and happy. He says, "That is so cool" often.
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I don't think it's it, but it sounds like it has some similarities to The Pleasure of My Company by Steve Martin.
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Actually, no, scratch that. I thought it wasn't it because the search inside brought up nothing for "lottery" and no uses of "that's so cool" but from the reviews it sounds like it fits: "Daniel's ways (a product of child abuse, Martin shows with subtlety) are challenged when Clarissa and her infant son, Teddy, move in to escape an abusive husband; when Daniel wins a contest as 'Most Average American' and must give a speech to claim the $5,000 prize; and when his beloved grandmother dies, sending him on a road trip of discovery back home. "
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Lottery by Patricia Wood!
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changeling has it.
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Thank You! This has been bugging me. I will be able to buy it, now.
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