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I'm Looking for TV shows, podcasts, or radio programs similar to Wait Wait ... Don't tell me, and Qi.

Basically it would be a panel of 3 or more people talking about interesting subjects in a lighthearted way. It doesn't need to be a game or quiz though that's ok if it is. I'm open to any subject matter. Extra points if its available online.
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The Friday Night Comedy podcast from the BBC combines the Now Show and the News Quiz. The News Quiz is a lot like Wait Wait. They both have the added bonus of generally being hilarious.
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NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast has 4 lighthearted hosts, and they often play a game.
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You'd probably also enjoy the Bugle, featuring John Oliver and Andy Zalzman.
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You might like International Waters. Its gimmick is that it is a not so serious quiz show pitting two American comedians against two from the UK.
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The Infinite Monkey Cage.
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Seconding International Waters. It's new, but from the consistently awesome Maximum Fun family of shows. If you're not married to quiz show format, you might also try Jordan Jesse Go. Not precisely a panel, but usually Jordan, Jesse, and hilarious guest. Bonus: "MeFi's own" and AskMe sponsorship cachet.
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Slate's Culture Gabfest features three hosts (and occasional guest) discussing three topics (all over the culture map - movies, tv, architecture, dance, poetry, social media).

Extra Hot Great features three hosts (and occasional guest) discussing a few pop culture topics (usually a movie released that week and a television show submitted to their canon) and a game of pop culture trivia to wrap things up.
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Doug Loves Movies podcast
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You'll do well working your way through the comedy offerings of BBC Radio 4. Plenty of panel shows (many of which share panelists with QI) all of them pretty high quality.
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Then work your way through the stuff on 4Extra which reruns lots of panel shows from the past. Really, it's an endless resource.
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The Unbelievable Truth has many of the same panelists as QI.

Also it is hosted by David Mitchell, and he is the best person.

Also will second Jordan Jesse Go, Doug Loves Movies, and if you enjoy those, look up pretty much any guest you enjoy, and they will also have some sort of chatty podcast.

Never Not Funny, and You Look Nice Today are also good.
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