Blonde Rumer Willis?
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Trying to remember the name of a young (early 20s, maybe even late teens) actress who has been in some television and movies I've seen, though unfortunately I can't remember what. I know I've seen her cry / whine on film, though. She basically looks like Rumer Willis with curly blonde hair instead. Similar nose / pointed features.
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Rumer Willis had blonde curly hair the the House Bunny. Just in case it's that obvious.
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Anna Kendrick is the only sort-of lookalike I can think of, but she's not exactly blonde.
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Response by poster: Rounder face than Anna, definitely not Rumer. Sorry. If only there were some sort of actor face database.
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I've always thought Ashley Johnson looks a lot like Rumer. She's currently sporting brown hair, but has had curly-ish blonde hair in the past.
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Brie Larson?
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Megan Park?
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Angela Goethals?

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Response by poster: Sorry, none of these :(
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When have you seen her? Recently? More television or movies? How did she cry/whine?
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Greta Gerwig has a strong jaw like Rumer, but I would not call her features pointy.
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Response by poster: So maybe she has a softer face than Rumer, and I don't know if this helps but she usually plays characters that I think could easily have been played by Mae Whitman. Usually the nice friend, not the lead.
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Alison Pill? (The IMDb picture isn't much of a likeness, FWIW, and she's more Mae Whitman-esque than Rumer Willis-esque.)
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I have to second Ashley Johnson, even though you've already said it's not her, just because I end up looking her up every few months trying to remember where I've seen her before.

Specifically, she's blonde in a Cold Case episode with a murder on a 60's cruise ship, and in a Dollhouse episode.
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zooey deschanel circa elf?
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Kirsten Proust?

She's recently been in A show called The Lying Game, apparently (haven't seen it), she was Lucy in one of the Twilight movies, she was Amanda on the TV show Kyle XY and in Electra as the girl prodigy Electra is trying to protect.
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Ella Rae Peck? Currently on Gossip Girl, blond, has some Rumer-esque qualities to her face.
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Response by poster: So I'm back with tail tucked. I finally remembered what I knew her from, which was this one episode of House, MD. It was Keri Lynn Pratt. She is not as young as I thought (but looks fantastic!) nor does she look terribly like Rumer Willis all the time, but this is her.

Thanks all for your help.
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