Forgot iPod password but iTunes stops responding while syncing
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My daughter put a password on her iPod and promptly forgot it, which would be fine if iTunes didn't stop responding every single time we try to sync it. I really don't want to lose everything that is on there, especially her pictures and purchases. Help me be a hero to my daughter and tell me how to fix it.
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Are you on a Mac? If so, PhoneView should bypass the password lock and allow you to offload all her music and photos to your computer and thus release you to reformat the iPod when you have the data you needed to save.

In the meantime, could she possibly have set her password to any of the following?

her birthday
last 4 digits of your phone number
your address
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Response by poster: Not a Mac. She's tried all her usual passwords.
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either this or this should do the trick then. (assuming 'not a mac' is a PC, of course.)
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What sort of iPod is it? Does it have FaceTime, and do you have another iThing that you can use to FaceTime her with? The iPod will let her answer without entering the code, and maybe using the Home button during the call will give her access for the duration of the call - which would at least let her mail the pictures to herself.

Purchases, I think, should be available to any other device she logs into using her iTunes account, even if they haven't been transferred off. That's certainly true for apps, and it seems to be true for music as well; I don't know about video.
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If the programs spindle mentioned don't work it is still possible to recover the passcode and the information, but it is not at all for the faint of heart, assuming that the iPod works the same way an iPhone does. You would also need to get access to a Mac, I believe.
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You should be able to sync the iPod with iTunes which will copy apps, photos etc..and then set it up as new (which would be password free) and restore from the last backup. Or set not restore from backup but manually copy everything she wants back over.
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You can also go to the Genius Bar for this. I only know because the last time I was there for laptop junk, the girl next to me was having her iPod password reset.
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Response by poster: So we copied the pictures onto her computer, so at least she'll have those. When we try to sync so we can restore to factory settings, iTunes gets hung up on copying 1 of (whatever) and I have to go into task manager and shut it down. I'll try spindle's link tomorrow, but I'm too faint of heart for procrastination's links. If all else fails, she has her pictures, so maybe I'll just try to restore it without syncing and she can remember those lost purchases the next time she thinks about password locking her iPod.
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Sharepod... Worked for me!
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Incidentally, if by purchases you mean the purchase of music/movies/apps/books/etc through iTunes, they aren't lost no matter what happens. Your daughter's iTunes account will have a record of them, and they can be freshly downloaded to either the factory reset iPod or another iOS device that you authorise for the account.
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