Help me plan the most ridic Vegas bachelor party of all time.
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Help me plan the most ridic Vegas bachelor party of all time. OF ALL TIME!

As the best man, I've been tasked with planning the bachelor party. Our group - 15+ 30 year olds who think they're still 22 - have lots of disposable income and while we don't have expensive taste necessarily, we do like to piss our money away on fun experiences.

We'll be in Vegas from Friday midday to Sunday early evening, and I want to pack it with a bunch of fun activities. Here are some things that I've managed to find on my own:

- Gun Store
- Exotic Car Rental
- Beer Pong Tournament at Blondies
- Stein-holding Competition at Haufbrauhaus
- Breakfast at Hash House A Go-Go
- Midget Strippers

All are options that I'm looking into. However, I'm hoping the hive mind has some insight on amazing things/places to do that are in Vegas, but maybe not typical Vegas. Know of a really cool rooftop bar? A great Vegas tradition that we might not have heard of? A particular club that you think would work best? While we have "gambling" and "strip clubs" covered, any particularly awesome ideas would be appreciated.

We have some time during the day on Saturday that I'm most concerned about, as well as with our group dinner reservation. In fact, that's where I'd need the most help - where should our group eat? Nothing too stuffy, but semi-private wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Help! And thank you!
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There's an indoor sky-diving venue in Vegas, which is a blast.

Not at all private, but the Wynn buffet is quite nice.
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Some friends rode ATVs out in the desert for a bachelor party. I would have to think that a lot of the better restaurants would have a room for you to use. In particular I thought the short ribs at Craftsteak are outrageously delicious.
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Please tell me that by "gun store" you mean this place.
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Air combat USA
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Indoor Skydiving is something different and fun (though it hurt my back a little, YMMV)
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May not be insane enough for what you are planning, but Frank's Tiki Room can be fun. Could be a good place for an end of the night roundup.
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Don't pack it too full of activities. My favorite thing about Vegas is wandering down the strip going from random insanity to random insanity and also gambling and drinking free drinks outside.

Anyway, the Rooftop at Pure isn't cheap, but it's the best. For a change of pace, maybe check out the Double Down? It's an old school hardcore biker bar. Bring your bazooka.

And don't go to Downtown Vegas. I guess that's obvious.
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Best answer: Doing this in two weeks, so looking for pointers myself.

My previous vegas trips with big groups:

1. If 4+ people are getting in at the same time, arrange a Limo. Cab line is ridiculous. Limo isn't that expensive and must do to start.
2. Suit up (or similar) one night when you go up. Feels douchy maybe, but levels of level 10 douche somewhere else is normal in Vegas
3. People will get lost and get away from the group, they will be fine.
4. hit up some shitty casinos (Imperial Palace is one I enjoy) for people watching and loading up on $5 tables.

have fun!
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I would avoid the midget strippers, personally.
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Insert Coin(s) is a fun retro arcade / bar downtown.
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Go the double down (bar off the strip) and ask for their house drink, simply called "ass juice."

They also have bacon martinis.

Don't cheap out! Stay somewhere like the Palazzo or Venetian where all the rooms are suites. Or Encore where you can get a big room. Those places also tend to have great concierges who can hook you up with limos, clubs, etc.

Whatever you do, do not go to Hooters even if it's just to gamble. Go to IP or just downtown to golden nugget or binion's if you want cheap tables. Downtown is fun, low-pressure and has fried twinkies.
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