Calling all lizard experts
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Please help me identify this lizard found at my home near Ft. Worth.
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Looks a lot like an ordinary anole. Look at his throat pouch.
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2nding an Anole.
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Thirding anole; look at his hind foot toes. He's clearly saying "Uncle! Uncle!" because you've got his arm pinned back.
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I'm pretty sure it's an anole. Something weird I noticed: I grew up in East Texas where they were the norm, and I think the first few years I lived in North Texas (in Denton, 1991-5) I saw them and defended them from my cats often enough. I'm fairly certain I saw them at least occasionally when I first lived in North Richland Hills (1999).

But by the time I left NRH and moved to Carrollton (2007), I was only seeing horny toads and geckoes. I never noticed an anole the 5 years I lived in Dallas - our garage door was covered in geckoes at night, and I'd occasionally find one inside near the front door.

So it may not be weird that you don't recognize it even though they're pretty standard lizards - I think they're no longer the lizard of choice in North Texas. Maybe they're more water-dependent than geckoes.
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"A" is for Adorably Angry Anole.
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Yup. American Anole. They turn neat colors, and for some reason there seem to be a lot of them around Fort Worth this year.
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Knight anole.
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Now the question's answered, do I get to say "Squee!" now?
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Response by poster: Thank y'all. My wife can sleep soundly now.
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Boy, you've sure got a firm grip on him. You must be anole-retentive.
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Yup, anole. Anolis caroliensis or Carolina anole is my guess. That far inland you're not likely to find the incredibly invasive cuban/brown anole (a. sagrei) and if you ever do, it's noteworthy.

You've got a full-grown male, judging by the dewlap and spinal ridge, and being that dark he's pretty freaked out. Usually they're green or a light brown, dark means stress. Unless you have very small hands, that's about as big as they get.

If you flip them upside down and gently stroke the belly, you can hypnotize them - but it's a breathing reaction, so don't do it for too long. They eat any bugs that can fit into their mouths (whether whole or in bites), and you can wear them as earrings if you're feeling particularly daring.

... yes, I am a bit obsessive about my backyard lizards.
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Response by poster: @cmyk: Makes sense, we rescued him from our kitty's clutches.
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By the way, they're non-toxic, so kitty can hunt its little heart out. Though if my cats are any indication, they like to barf them up later on as tasty bite-size gifts.
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