Know a good bar for MMA fans in SF?
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Recommendations for a bar in San Francisco where I could get them to put on tonight's Bellator 65 MMA event on MTV2?

A very good friend of mine (Marcos 'Loro' Galvao) is fighting tonight, but it's in Atlantic City, and I don't own a TV. So I'm looking for places near the financial district and/or North Beach, but I'm willing to travel a little. The fights start earlyish, around 5pm if that makes a difference.
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Have you tried Craigslist?
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Go to a sports bar and ask. Or if you have a regular bar, even better.
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Response by poster: I wish I had been here long enough to have a regular bar. I moved here a few months ago, and because I live in the East Bay, and usually go home after work, I'm not too familiar with the drinking landscape. I already asked at the places I know about and MTV2 apparently wasn't on their channel list.

But thanks anyway.
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Steff's in SOMA (2nd and Minna) or Giordano Bros (North Beach/Mission) are my gut instincts for best bets. There's plenty of other sports bars out there, including Jillians (SOMA, 4th and Howard) and a raft of stuff up and down Haight/Irving/Clement/Judah.
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Best answer: Irish Times on Sacramento was good enough to tune it in for me. Apparently I needed to look for places with satellite, as the cable sports packages don't usually include MTV2, even though there are sports on it on a regular basis.
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