Are there stand-up comedy podcasts containing stand-up comedy?
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Are there any stand-up comedy podcasts of stand-up comedians performing stand-up comedy?

NPR is just too depressing, so I'm looking for podcasts of stand-up comedy. However, I'm not interested in learning about the art and techniques of being a comedian. I'm not interested in casual interviews of comedians talking about their childhood. And I'm certainly not looking for an unscripted morning-radio-show-banter program.

Are there any podcasts that feature actual stand-up? The closest thing I've found are occasional episodes of The Sound of Young America (shout out to Jesse).
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Pandora has comedy channels -- There's a list of them here or you can create a channel around a specific person -- I think they're mostly tracks from released comedy "albums".
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I don't think there are any regularly-updated podcasts with straight-up scripted stand-up... writing an hour of jokes is hard and takes a long time, so comedians save that material for CDs and videos. Most comedy podcats are unscripted. Greg Proops records his The Smartest Man in the World show, which is a mix between stand-up and a monologue. The Pod F Tomcast sometimes has a stand-up or sketch section in the middle. Superego and The Thrilling Adventure Hour and The Dead Authors Podcast are partially scripted sketch shows. Comedy Bang Bang has funny extemporaneous improv.
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There are certainly lots of comedians doing podcasts that are more "standup" than "radio/panel show" - though most comedians tend to shy away from performing their "main" shows as podcasts for obvious reasons.

Josie Long's very occasional Lost Treasures of the Black Heart is a recording of an (off-beat) selection of standups performing standup. Very good, but quite weird.

Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast which was recorded last year at the Edinburgh festival with a podcast gig each day with two guest standups on, not strict standup throughout but improvised material through audience interaction and a the guest standup spot is an excellent way to listen to 30 short sets from exciting young comedians.
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I can't recommend it highly enough - The Dana Gould Hour - he and Eddie Pepitone are just fantastic together.

Bill Burr's monday morning podcast is basically him alone doing standup

Doug loves movies - is not standup but it's a live show with a comedian riffing on things celebrities say

Fitzdog radio - is Greg Fitzsimmons podcast where he does some bits with guests.

WTF has some good live shows now and then, search out the ones where Pepitone goes on rants. This one from a couple of years ago was an instant classic.
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I love Sklarbro Country. Randy and Jason Sklar have a sports flavor to the show, but they have incredible comedian guests, and their back and forth delivery, completing each other's sentences twin style is unique.
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2nding Comedy Bang Bang, which isn't stand-up but a mix of stand-up and improv comics doing bits.
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The Nerdist podcast, when he isn't interviewing somebody, is usually a non-scripted group discussion / stand up format that can be damn funny.
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CBC's "Laugh Out Loud" is a weekly (half-hour?) podcast with Canadian stand-up (or non-Canadians in Canada):

It's usually good.
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There's a ton of stand-up albums on Spotify.
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The closest thing I can think of to what you want is the Pod F. Tompkast, but I think Comedy Bang Bang will scratch that itch as well.
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Sorry to add another "No, but..." answer, but check out the Todd Glass Show -- he's got bits! The recent episodes with James Adomian are excellent.
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It's not 'stand up' per se, but I really enjoy Mohr Stories. He's a comedian himself and he has comedians as guests. He talks a lot about the business side of comedy, plus he's funny. YMMV. Give it a try!
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Pandora is probably what you want.
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