Finding the one (BMI calculator that is)
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A while ago, I saw this great BMI calculator that had accompanying picture of simulating body which, through a slider (?) could change from "fat" to "muscular". I found that I could reproduce fairly accurately the shape of my body (including the dreaded fat bulges...) with it and found it much more useful to see what I should target for. Unfortunately I can't find it again amongst the morass ... Surely AskMeFi sleuths can find it!
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Someone sent me this link which, while it does have nice pictorial representations on sliding scale, is not the one I am looking for. The additional slider essentially selects what would be the "body type" as in "small bones" vs "large bones" but in a continuous scale. I find that this added information makes it represent much better the shape I am in ... and what I should aim for.
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Yes, I think this is it! Thanks!
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