Need a new jacket
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I'm looking for a new mans spring/fall jacket. Something lightweight and casual, made of cotton or cotton-blend or similar type of fabric (not a sporty windbreaker or fleece jacket). Difficulty: made in Canada or the US. Any ideas?
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Price range?
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I've enjoyed Spiewak.
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Maybe this website is a place to look? AllUSAClothing has several jackets too.

Also I don't know what your feelings are about American Apparel but they do sell light jackets.
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Price range?
Under $200.
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American Apparel, which advertises on Metafilter via The Deck.
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Land's End sells pretty durable stuff in a wide range of weights. It's not super stylish or anything, but they have a lifetime replacement guarantee iirc.

i do not think you will survive ragnarok in any of their gear though
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You should check out Bridge and Burn. I'm pretty sure their clothing is made in Portland, Oregon. My girlfriend and I both have a couple of (women's) jackets from them and get lots of compliments.
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Sorry, I'm confusing Land's End and LL Bean - only the latter is 100% made in the USA.
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I'm on my phone and can't find the link, but I love my Pointer brown canvas duck chore coat. Around $60, tough dense cotton canvas, made in Tennessee. You can buy them online direct from the factory.
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elizardbits, most LL Bean stuff is imported nowadays--only a few iconic pieces like the Bean boots are still US-made.
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I like the Pointer chore coat . . . and only $6 to ship to Canada, which is a serious bonus! I have found my new coat.
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Update: just contacted by Pointer, and their website is wrong. Shipping is going to be a lot more than $6, probably at least $30. Ah well, I guess when something looks too good to be true . . . .
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