Hassle-free backup for MySQL under Windows
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Looking for recommendations for an automated MySQL backup solution a Windows-only shop will be comfortable with.

I'm setting up a MySQL database for a client that will be hosted on a Windows machine, and need a backup system that will be slightly more elegant than putting something together using e.g. mysqldump and scheduled tasks.

This database is just a small part of a whole bunch of systems the local IT staff will be taking care of, so I would like to recommend something that will mesh well with the way things are done in the Windows world.

There's no official budget for this, but a paid solution is not out of the question.
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What do mysqldump and scheduled tasks fail to give you?

(BTW you might want a master/slave setup, and to take the backup from the slave).
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So you're looking for not using scripts, something point and clicky, with active directory integration?

Most backup products support MySQL. Is there a reason you can't use those?
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Response by poster: Point and click is just the ticket - I know I could be covered with a dump, but the people using this are not really fans of the command line: giving them something they like will ultimately save me from remote telephone debugging.

As to backup products that will support MySQL, a recommendation for one you know and like is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for.
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Linky. Sounds like what you really want is SQL Server, though.
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Response by poster: Changing the database at this point is not an option - it would be a major rewrite+testing headache, plus other (more linux-friendly) people are happily using the system and wouldn't care to move to SQL Server.
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I have done this for quite a few places, use a scheduled task to dump selected databases/tables in known locations (I chose the early hours when no one was active), then upload those to other locations if required. Also easy to trim backups so as keep the last n copies. Use Powershell for fancy stuff, regular batch files for the basics.

There are obvious security issues with this (scripts contain passwords etc) but this may not matter. Create a backup user with read-only access to minimise risk.
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How big is it? Could you just set up a Dropbox?
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the people using this are not really fans of the command line

They don't have to be, if you just can all the necessary command line worms in a small set of cmd scripts that they can just double-click to run (or schedule using the Task Scheduler). Make those robust and you should be fine.
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Is Amazon RDS an option?
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shothotbot: "How big is it? Could you just set up a Dropbox?"

You really shouldn't do something like that with MySQL. Unless you take special measures, the on-disk database may not be consistent at any given moment.
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