A field recording of two minutes of silence.
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Is there a field recording of the two minutes of silence yesterday honoring the London bombing victims?

I read a blog post describing the moments leading to the two minutes. The writer described the cacophany of the city suddenly becoming quiet. It seems to me that a recording of that event would be interesting to hear.
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Ok, so, just to clear this up, you're really looking for a recording of the transition to silence rather than a recording of the silence itself? :)
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I'm sure there's still ambient noise from animals, cars, etc - I think the transition from that + voices to just that and back again would also be striking.
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This isn't entirely what you're looking for, but the sixth story (A moment of silence for bombing victims) is a montage, and is very interesting. At first I thought there was something wrong with the sound in the video player, but there (apparently) wasn't.
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Seek out Kenotaphion by Jonty Semper on Charrm Recordings. It's a 2CD set of minutes silences.

Available from Forced Exposure and Aquarius Records.

He's also released the 1 minute silence from the funeral of Princess Diana on 7".
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And to specifically answer the question, there's video and audio of the London bombing two minutes available on the BBC (see the right of the page)
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Oops, duh, sorry Socratic - I now see you've already posted a link to a montage. I can't tell whether the BBC one is the same, because CNN won't let me watch theirs.
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NPR did a story on it this morning, and it began with the tolling of a bell (I would say Big Ben, but you know, I'm not entirely sure that was it) and some ambient sound. Search the Morning Edition page for today.
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Response by poster: Yes, I am looking for a recording of the transition to silence. Including the silence as well, if possible.
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The guardian has this:

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