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What was the first use of the "Powered by X" phrase?

There are hundreds of marks that include this phrase. I don't remember ever seeing it before the early days of the web and "Powered by Netscape" and the like. Does anyone know where this phrase came from?
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Usenet has it showing up around 1995.
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Probably from the placards on machines literally powered by a particular manufacturer's engine. This practice is quite common on aircraft of almost any era.
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The AC Cobra (or Shelby Cobra) was "Powered by Ford" in 1962. So was the Sunbeam Tiger, at least until Chrysler bought Sunbeam. A lot of British and European specialty carmakers used American engines from the 50's through the 70's.
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The car Jim Clark drove to victory in the 1965 Indianapolis 500 had on the sides and nose the slogan: "Lotus Powered By Ford" There were other "Lotus Powered By Ford" cars in other races and seasons, as well.
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I don't have sources but I'm thinking this might be an industrial revolution phrase -- the first one that pops to mind, the steam engine -- "powered by steam" certainly seems like one that would come up.
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A Google search makes me doubt my own memory, as I turn up nothing that backs this up.

But I remember first seeing people with "powered by Bich" decals on their cars in around 1992. These were people who put a lot of money into their cool cars, and I remember being told that Bich was a brand of power amp. After these stickers reached a certain critical mass, then imitations started showing up, some humorous, some tongue-in-cheek, and some merely promotional in a trend-exploiting way, stretching the meaning so much that "powered by," which was at first used literally, came to mean "in some way at least tangentially associated with."
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