Arabic classical music question
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Arabic classical music question.

With this as a starting point of Arabic classical music, what is the style that has more energy and tempo, and where the bowed string section carries a lot of the melody? For example, more like the cellos and violins heard in this video (which is an old Saddam propaganda video, but still, it's the closest I've found).

I'm asking because I remember having heard such music on a radio when I was briefly in Egypt about 15 years ago. Most of the samples I've found on YouTube are kind of slow paced. What I heard was faster and closer to the second video.

Is there a certain subset of Arabic classical music with this sort of style? Certain orchestras or cultures that specialize in it? I'm not sure where to look, and trying to play with YouTube search keywords is an exercise in frustration (add "tempo" or "allegro" to the query and you get tons of T-Pain and Lady Gaga stuff).
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'Andalousi' or 'andalouse'?

(Oh I'd forgotten about their grand grand intros! Fast forward to get to the meat of the song)
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In the first video, the flutes and the strings are trading off the melody, at least as I heard it. So I'm a little confused as to what you're asking.

You may try wandering around Um Kulthum's stuff... she's the mother of Egyptian classical music, and extremely beloved. Enta Omri is her classic but there's a lot stuff on YouTube.
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