Real bread from nothing but rice?
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Has anyone tried making gluten-free bread with the Sanyo Gopan bread maker? This is a machine that takes in whole raw rice and mills it into bread in the machine.

I'd love to know how well it works because currently I have no bread substitute. On top of whatever (apparently not cœliac, but severe enough to keep my Crohn's out of remission) gluten sensitivity I have, I also have Crohn's disease, and big problems with the cellulose gums (xanthan gum, guar gum, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, etc) that make gluten free breads a tolerable facsimile of muggle bread. If anyone's got any experience with this machine, I'd love to know, before I go about finding the £500 which might finally give me a reliable convenient portable source of nutrition.
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All of the rice based recipes for the gopan machine on their website include vital wheat gluten except for one. That one recipe does not look like it is a reasonable facsimile of wheat bread. There is also a book in Japanese about using the "zero wheat mode" with various recipes but they require specially milled rice flour which is probably not available if you live outside of Japan.
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I've seen recipes using ground chia seed instead of the gums - just bought some, haven't tried it yet myself.
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Infernarl, thanks ever so much for looking at that. You'd be surprised to know that the bottom picture on the linked site looks like a pretty good substitute from where I'm standing, dense and doughy though it is. I don't speak or read Japanese. Can you tell me if the special flour in the Amazon book is mochi flour? I can get hold of that.

leslies (and bibliogrrl via MeFiMail), thanks for the chia seed suggestion. I do have some, but I didn't get on with it too well the time I tried. I think it's still a little too high fibre for me.
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Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure I'll go for it anyway, as long as I check first that I can cope with yeast.
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The special flour is a type of mochi flour but it is very finely milled. I am guessing that the finely milled flour allows you to make a more bread like product (which is why a whole book is based around using it). I would see if you can find a small mill near you that already is selling a rice flour and ask them to mill it super fine.
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